30 Chin-Ups in 30 Days!

30 Chin-Ups in 30 Days!One of the best ways to build your upper core is to master the chin-up, but it is not as easy as it sounds. Performing a chin-up requires that you build up your upper body to be able to lift your own weight. With Grant Michaels’s book, 30 Chin-Ups in 30 Days, you will learn how to work yourself up to performing 30 chin-ups in one month.

This book will break down the steps necessary to help you build up to performing a correct chin-up. You will get exercises that will build up your upper body strength, and others that will help to increase your endurance. This will help you have the back, arms, and shoulders necessary to perform a chin-up. By the end of the workout guide, you will be able to push past 30 chin-ups and take on other challenges without blinking an eye.

30 Chin-Ups in 30 Days!


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